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2-kanals förstärkare
  Sherwood AX-4103
  Sherwood AX-5103
2-kanals Receivers
  Sherwood RX-4109
  Sherwood RX-5502
  Sherwood RX-5700
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  Sherwood RD-5503
  Sherwood RD-6502
  Sherwood RD-6503
  Sherwood RD-6504
  Sherwood RD-7503
  Sherwood RD-7502
  Sherwood BT-R7


  Sherwood CD-772
  Sherwood RX-772
  Sherwood RX-773
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  Sherwood R-865
  Sherwood R-871
  Sherwood R-872
  Sherwood P-965
  Sherwood A-965
  Sherwood HSB-600
  Sherwood V-768
  Sherwood V-903
  Sherwood SD-871


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  Sherwood V-758R
  Sherwood RD-6405
  Sherwood VD-4602
  Sherwood V-852
  Sherwood R-903
  Sherwood RD-7500
  Sherwood R-965
  Sherwood SD-860
  Sherwood RD-8601
  Sherwood RD-8701

Sherwood RX-773


Sherwood has been making stereo (2-Channel) gear for over 40 years. We built the world's first all-silicon receiver way back when and today are reponsible for more stereo gear than any other brand.

As expected, the RX-773 has AM/FM tuner, front panel inputs for convenient playback from portable music players, tape and aux inputs and switching for two pair of loudspeakers. Unexpectedly, the receiver has a phono input, is XM Ready and has a front panel receptacle for Sherwood's optional BT-7 Blue Tooth Receiver. When used with the BT-7 blue Tooth Receiver. When used with the BT-7, users can stream music from a suitably equipped cell phone or music player even with the phone still in their pocket or purse.

- Rated at 100 Watts RMS X 2 with less than 0.10% from 20 Hz to 20 kHz into 8 ohms
- 100 Watts X 4 in Multi-room mode
- Switching for four pairs of loudspeakers from the front panel or via remote control
- Multi-source, Dual-Zone Capable for use as free-stading unit or as a Zone 2/3 Receiver/amplifier
- 5 Audio Inputs inCluding Phono and Tuner
- Bass and Trible Tone Controls
- IR Learning remote with LCD display
- Bluetooth Audio Receiver Input (Compatible with Sherwood BT-R7)
- Totally Discrete Amplifier Stage (TDAS)
- Quartz PLL Synthesized Digital Tuning
- 30 Station Presets (Random)
- Digital Encoder Volume Control
- System Illumination
- Preset Scan
- Sleep Timer
- RS-232
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