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2-kanals förstärkare
  Sherwood AX-4103
  Sherwood AX-5103
2-kanals Receivers
  Sherwood RX-4109
  Sherwood RX-5502
  Sherwood RX-5700
Flerkanals Receivers
  Sherwood RD-5503
  Sherwood RD-6502
  Sherwood RD-6503
  Sherwood RD-6504
  Sherwood RD-7503
  Sherwood RD-7502
  Sherwood BT-R7


  Sherwood CD-772
  Sherwood RX-772
  Sherwood RX-773
Flerkanals receviers
  Sherwood R-865
  Sherwood R-871
  Sherwood R-872
  Sherwood P-965
  Sherwood A-965
  Sherwood HSB-600
  Sherwood V-768
  Sherwood V-903
  Sherwood SD-871


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  Produktkatalog 2006-2007

Utgångna produkter
  Sherwood V-758R
  Sherwood RD-6405
  Sherwood VD-4602
  Sherwood V-852
  Sherwood R-903
  Sherwood RD-7500
  Sherwood R-965
  Sherwood SD-860
  Sherwood RD-8601
  Sherwood RD-8701

At Sherwood, we know our craft

After all, we've been designing and building top flight gear for ourselves and other major brands for 50 years. Products that bear our Newcastle name are the finest we build for anyone. Designed in-house and built in our own factories, we control every step. It's the only way we know to assure that every Newcastle product will deliver. Building on the heritage established by the world's first DTS/Dolby Digital receiver (our Newcastle R-945) and by our stunning AVP-9080/AM-9080 preamp/processor/main amp combo, our engineers set out to develop a series of no-compromise components that would make Newcastle the centerpiece in advanced home theater systems.

The resulting components, the Newcastle P-965 preamp processor and A-965 main amplifier; the R-965 flagship receiver and its smaller sibling, the R-865 A/V receiver share fundamental underpinnings. They have the same chassis and cosmetic design. They have the same impressive decoding capabilities and fundamentally the same convenience features. Yet they differ in sensible ways. Power output varies by a handful of decibels between the 3 configurations. The number of associated components they can accommodate is different as is one remote control. But essentially, all three configurations decode all of today's advanced audio formats, allow control and connections to be made at the highest possible level, have extraordinary abilities to run programming in more than one room and are all field upgradeable.
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